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Modern day thinking on risk management puts heavy emphasis on the use of defences or barriers to prevent losses attributed to organizational disturbances.  Failure of these barriers leads to unwanted incidents.

Barrier management is therefore an important facet of risk management. The Bowtie technique is ideally suited for this purpose, allowing detailed analysis of prevention and mitigation measures – in other words, the barriers – for specific hazards and their ultimate consequences.   Effective barrier management involves linking the barriers on the Bowties to specific elements of the management system such as HSE-critical activities/tasks and their accountabilities/responsibilities, standards, policies and remedial actions to address any shortfalls.

The Bowtie technique uses a visual format, thus facilitating risk communication. It is currently widely used in such diverse sectors as oil and gas, chemical process, power generation, mining, aviation/aerospace, healthcare, manufacturing, IT security, finance and government.

This 4 half day (4-hour per day) course is aimed at risk management professionals and practitioners. In this Digital Classroom, the delegates will highlighted with the key principles of the Hazards and Effects Management Process (HEMP) and how the Bowtie technique can augment risk management in their organizations, at the same time facilitating effective risk communication.  Participants will be required to undertake a number of worked exercises in order to gain practical experience with the use of Bowties.

“Good to have this training as introduction and familiarization to the risk assessment and bowtie technique.” QHSE Engineer, Vantage Oilfield Solutions Sdn Bhd

Learning Objectives

The course is designed to help participants to:

  • Achieve an understanding of the key principles of HEMP and the Bowtie Methodology;
  • Gain an understanding of the principles that underlays loss causation. Loss prevention and barrier-based risk management;
  • Acquire hands-on experience in building complete Bowtie models and performing Bowtie analysis using the BowTieXP software, and;
  • Achieve a firm grasp of the essential requirements for the effective implementation of barrier management.


  • Interactive Learning
  • Real Case Studies
  • Worked Exercises
  • Q&A Session

Practitioners and specialists in:

  • Management of HSE
  • Process Safety
  • Operations & Maintenance,
  • Engineering Design
  • Projects and Enterprise Risk

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Course Schedule

Date Start Date End Time Start Time End
2020-08-10 2020-08-13