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Jadi Life (Formerly known as Jaditoner) first emerged as a printing supplies brand that was distributing a wide range of cartridges through e-commerce in 2015. A small team set up as an experiment, it was operating under its sister company which is a toner powder manufacturer, Jadi Imaging Technologies Sdn Bhd.


  • Retail sale of any kind of product over the internet
  • Retail sale of any kind of product by direct sales or door-to-door salespersons
  • Trading & Provision of solutions (Products & Services) relating to work and education research & development & trading in health care products.



Jaditoner started off as a printing supplies brand that emphasises on brand new quality cartridges offered at factory-direct prices through e-commerce.

Seeing growth in consumers to shop smarter, Jadi Life brings its own range of direct-to-consumer brands from local to global manufacturers. Spreading its distribution channels to online and offline, Jadi Life aims to help consumers Discover Value in the long-term.



Jadi Life is the digital-centric brand that helps consumers be smarter in finding best value in quality products at affordable prices. Building on this mindset, we are creating a culture to be curious and to know the value of quality products that are not only perceived by the brands or labels that are tagged on them – with better accessibility to said products.

From office to school supplies, Jadi Life also has an active role in the creative supplies and health care segments.



  • Jadi Life’s ethos is to continue evolving as a living brand, adapting to current and future generations’ needs in their daily lifestyle.



  • Jadi Life collaborates with local and global manufacturers, bringing its own direct-to-consumer brands to enrich consumers.


The Smart Company For Smarter Consumers

  • Jadi Life products undergo strict quality control and testing procedures. We ensure all our products are authentic and are not counterfeits, second-hand, or damaged.
  • Jadi Life customer feedback are taken seriously. We check, test, and verify every review given to our products and services.
  • Jadi Life enquiries are heard and considered in the company’s current and future growth strategies. We listen and adapt to the market needs every day.
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