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Presentation Skills Training Course

Ted Learning Sdn Bhd


Upon completion of this presentation skills training course, participants should be able to:

  • Plan, prepare and deliver impactful and dynamic presentations with greater confidence
  • Project a positive image when presenting and facilitating, thus leaving the audience with an unforgettable memory
  • Enhance their presentations to address the Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic audience respectively
  • Fine-tune their facilitation skills in terms of managing audience diversity and handling various difficult situations
  • Facilitate various events with greater professionalism and confidence

Any individual who wants to improve on their presentation skills by presenting with confidence, presence and style

Presentation Skills Training Course Outline


1.Successful Presentation Essentials

  1. Dynamics of successful presentations
  2. Typical challenges and pitfalls during presentations
  3. Framework for sharpening presentation skills
  4. Qualities of effective presenters

2.Presentation Preparation Areas

  1. Defining goals / objectives / outcomes
  2. Audience analysis (Visual – Auditory – Kinesthetic)
  3. Structuring the presentation (Contents and flow)
  4. Preparation of materials and AVAs
  5. Using the latest technology


3.Successful Presentation Recipe

  1. Projecting a positive image
  2. Enhancing confidence and enthusiasm
  3. Visualizing presentation / facilitation success
  4. The critical success factors

4. Creating Positive Influence

  1. Using the right words / language
  2. Embedding the right vocal qualities
  3. Incorporating the right body language
  4. Creating best impressions
  5. The 3 steps influential secrets (Steve Jobs)

5. Presenting in Difficult Situations

  1. Dealing with audience diversity
  2. Dealing with disruptive behaviors
  3. Addressing difficult Q & A sessions
  4. Handling pressurising situations


6.Presentation Skill Mills

  1. Individual presentations video taping
  2. Peer evaluation on presentation
  3. Review of video taped presentations
  4. SWOT analysis on individual presentations

7.Personal Action Plan

  1. Self-Assessment on presentation competencies
  2. 4-Step Action plan to enhance presentation skills
  3. Developing a long term action plan


Course Schedule

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