Steam Turbine

Triveni Product Range:
• Steam Turbine up to 30MW Range (Condensing Steam Turbine, Back Pressure Steam Turbine)
• Steam Turbine 30MW up to 100MW (Condensing Steam Turbine, Back Pressure Steam Turbine)
• Standard Scope Include:- Control System, Gearbox, Alternator, Lubricating Oil System, Control Oil System, Electrical Metering/Control/Protection System, Turbovisory System, Condensing System.

TRIVENI is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of steam turbines for providing renewable power solutions ranging up to 30 MW, specifically for Oil & Gas, Biomass, Sugar & Process Co-generation, Waste-to-energy and District Heating. TRIVENI also operates in a higher capacity range of above 30 MW to 100 MW Steam turbines through our subsidiary, GE Triveni Limited (“GETL”), a joint venture company with GE Oil & Gas.

GETL designs, supply and provide maintenance service for steam turbines. Manufactured in a state-of-the-art plant at Triveni Turbines, Bengaluru, the product is marketed globally under the brand “GE Triveni”. Our partnership with GE is a testimony of the global benchmarked processes used at Triveni Turbines.

TRIVENI products are manufactured in accordance with international standards, including, but not limited to, API, ASME, AGMA, NEMA, IEC, and CE/PED Mark . Our best-in-class testing facilities for extensive validation of design helps to ensure excellent products that meet even the most stringent international quality standards. We ensure that our network of quality suppliers and dedicated sub-contractors also comply with these standards through QAPs and Standard Operating Practices to maintain a comprehensive quality control of the turbine and its auxiliary system.

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