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Ketahanan inspired perfume untuk gred Premium : Up to 36 hour ( di fabric) and 10-12 hour di kulit)

Beza gred premium dgn gred A?

Gred premium kepekatan pati lebih 90% dan bau lg kuat..
X semua bau kuat bergantung pada jenis bau yg dipilih..untuk bau yg jenis strong sgt lasting and kuat..

Gred A ketahanan sehingga 24 jam shj..
Kepekatan pati 70%

Pati yg kita guna pula terbahagi kepada 3 jenis

Pati gred Biasa
Pati gred A
Pati gred Top

Mostly kita menggunakan gred A & gred Top..


1. Alchimie De Rochas By Rochas (W) 
2. Alien By Thierry Mugler (W) 
3. Amarige By Givenchy (W) 
4. Amor Amor By Cacharel (W)
5. Angel Muse by Thierry Mugler (W)
6. Apple Blossom by Body Shop (W)
7. Apple Delicious By DKNY (W)
8. Babydoll By Ysl (W)
9. Be Delicious by DKNY (W)
10. Beautiful By Estee Lauder (W) 
11. Berry Kiss By Victoria's Secret (W)
12. Blossom By Jimmy Choo (W) 
13. Blossoming Romance By Victoria's Secret (W)
14. Body By Burberry (W)
15. Bombshell by Victoria Secret (W)
16. Born In Paradise By Escada (W)
17. Bright Crystal By Versace (W)
18. Can Can By Paris Hilton (W)
19. Chance By Chanel (W)
20. Chanel No. 5  Premiere by Chanel (W)
21. Cherry Blossom By L'Occitane (W) 
22. Cherry In The Air by Escada (W)
23. Chloe By Chloe (W)
24. Cinema By Yves Saint Laurent (W) 
25. CKin2U By Calvin Klein (W)
26. Coco By Chanel (W) 
27. Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel (W)
28. Curious By Britney Spears (W)
29. Daisy By Marc Jacobs (W)
30. Daisy Dream By Marc Jacobs (W)
31. Dewberry By Body Shop (W) 
32. Dior Addict 2 by Christian Dior (W)
33. English Pear & Free Sia By Jo Malone (W)
34. Envy Me By Gucci (W)
35. Escada Collection By Escada (W)
36. Eternity for Women by Calvin Klein (W)
37. Fame By Lady Gaga (W) 
38. Fantasy by Britney Spears (W)
39. Fearless By Victoria's Secret (W)
40. Flight Of Fancy by Anna Sui (W)
41. Flower In The Air by Kenzo (W)
42. Flowerbomb By Viktor & Rolf (W)
43. Forbidden Rose by Avril Lavigne (W)
44. Fresh Blossom By DKNY (W)
45. Golden Delicious By DKNY (W) 
46. Good Girl by Carolina Herrera (W)
47. Gorgeous Gardenia by Gucci (W)
48. Green Tea By Elizabeth Arden (W) 
49. Gucci Bamboo By Gucci (W)
50. Gucci Blossom By Gucci (W)
51. Gucci Flora by Gucci (W)
52. Gucci Guilty  By Gucci (W)
53. Gucci Rush by Gucci (W)
54. Guess PINK by Guess (W)  
55. Guess Women by Guess (W)
56. Havava Pour Elle By Aramis (W) 
57. Heiress By Paris Hilton (W) 
58. Honey Dew by Body Shop (W) 
59. Hypnose By Lancome (W)
60. Incanto Charms By Salvatore Ferragamo (W)
61. Incanto Shine by Salvatore Ferragamo (W)
62. J'adore By Christian dior (W)
63. Joy of Pink By Lacoste (W) 
64. Killer Queen by Katy Perry (W)
65. La Nuit Tresor By Lancome (W)
66. La Vie Est Belle by Lancome (W)
67. Lady Million Absolutely Gold By Paco Rabanne (W) 
68. Lady Million by Paco Rabanne (W)
69. Lavender By The Body Shop (W)
70. L'eau D'issey By Issey Miyake (W) 
71. Light Blue By D&G (W)
72. Live By JLO (W)
73. Lola By Marc Jacobs (W) 
74. Lolita By Lempicka (W) 
75. Love Spell By Victoria's Secret (W) 
76. Love Story by Chloé (W)
77. Marry Me by Lanvin (W)
78. Midnight Fantasy by Britney Spear (W)
79. Midnight Poison By Christion Dior (W) 
80. Miracle by Lancome  (W)
81. Miss Dior Cherie By Dior (W) 
82. Moon Sparkle by Escada (W)
83. Ms Burberry by Burberry (W)
84. Narciso By Narciso Rodriquez (W) 
85. Nina by Nina Ricci (W)
86. Olympea by Paco Rabanne (W)
87. Omnia Paraiba By Bvlgari (W) 
88. Our Moment By One Direction (W)
89. Paris Hilton by Paris Hilton (W)
90. Passport By Paris Hilton (W)
91. Petite Cherie By Annick Goutal (W) 
92. Pink By Victoria's Secret (W)
93. Pink Sugar By Aquolina (W) 
94. Pink Wish By Victoria's Secret(W)
95. Poison Girl by Dior (W)
96. Polo Blue by  Ralph Lauren (W)
97. Polo Pink by  Ralph Lauren (W) 
98. Princess By Vera Wang (W) 
99. Pure seduction by Victoria Secret (W)
100. Purr By Katy Perry (W)
101. Ralph by Ralph Lauren (W)
102. Romantic Wish by Victoria's Secret (W) 
103. Satin By Victoria's Secret (W) 
104. Scandalous by Victoria Secret (W)
105. Seductive By Guess (W)
106. Selena Gomez by Selena Gomez (W)
107. Sensational By Celine Dion (W) 
108. Sentiment By Escada (W) 
109. Signorina By Salvatore Ferragamo (W)
110. Siren By Paris Hilton (W)
111. Someday by Justin Bieber (W)
112. Still by J.LO (W)
113. Strawberry By The Body Shop (W)
114. Sunflower By Elizabeth Arden (W)
115. Taj Sunset by Escada (W)
116. Tommy Girl By Tommy Hilfiger (W)
117. Tresor By Lancome (W) 
118. Tresor In Love By Lancome (W)
119. Tresor Midnight Rose By Lancome (W)
120. Untold by Elizabeth Arden (W)
121. Vanilla by The Body Shop (W)
122. Vera Wang By Vera Wang (W) 
123. Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture (W)
124. Viva La Juicy Sucre by Juicy Couture (W)
125. Week-End By Burberry (W) 
126. White Musk by Body Shop (W)
127. Wonderstuck By Taylor Swift (W) 128. 212 Sexy By Carolina Herrara (M)
129. 212 Ice By Carolina Herrera (M)
130. 212 VIP By Carolina Herrara (M)
131. Acqua Di Gio By Giorgio Armani (M)
132. Allure Homme Sport By Chanel (M)
133. Aqua Pour Homme By Bvlgari (M)
134. Armani Black Code By Giorgio Armani (M)
135. Armani Sport Code By Giorgio Armani (M)
136. Aventus By Creed (M)
137. Black Orchid by Tom Ford (M)
138. Black XS by Paco Rabanne (M)
139. Blue Jeans By Versace (M)
140. Boss Bottled By Hugo Boss (M)
141. Boss Bottled No.6 By Hugo Boss (M)
142. Boss Element Aqua By Hugo Boss (M)
143. Boss Energised By Hugo Boss (M)
144. Boss Orange By Hugo Boss (M)
145. Boss Red By Hugo Boss (M)
146. Boss Scent By Hugo Boss (M)
147. Brut Parfum By Prestige Brut (M)
148. Bvlgari Black By Bvlgari (M)
149. Bvlgari Extreme  By Bvlgari (M)
150. Champion by Davidoff (M)
151. Chanel De Bleu By Chanel (M)
152. Ck Be By Calvin Klein (M)
153. Ck One By Calvin Klein (M)
154. Cool Water by Davidoff (M)
155. Drakkar Noir By Guy Laroche (M)
156. Dunhill Desire Blue By Dunhill (M)
157. Dunhill Desire Red By Dunhill (M)
158. Dunhill London By Dunhill (M)
159. Eros By Versace (M)
160. Eternity By Calvin Klein (M)
161. F Salvatore By Salvatore Ferragamo (M)
162. Ferrari Black By Ferrari (M)
163. Ferrari Red By Ferrari (M)
164. Gucci Oud By Gucci (M)
165. Hugo Boss By Hugo Boss (M)
166. Invictus By Paco Rabanne (M)
167. Issey Miyaki By L'eau D'issey (M)
168. Legend By Mont Blanc (M)
169. Mr Burberry by Burberry (M)
170. One Million By Paco Rabanne (M)
171. Paul Smith By Paul Smith (M)
172. Polo Black By Ralph Lauren (M)
173. Polo Red By Ralph Lauren (M)
174. Polo Sport by Ralph Lauren (M)
175. Sauvage By Dior (M)
176. Spice Bomb By Victor Rolf (M)
177. Star Walker By Mont Blanc (M)
178. Style In Play By Lacoste (M)
179. The One Gentleman By D & G (M)
180. Tom Ford By Tom Ford (M)
181. Tommy Boy By Tommy Hilfiger (M)
182. Valentino Uomo by Valentino (M)183. The  Rose By Montale (MW)
184. Lacoste White by Lacoste (MW)
185. 1000 Bunga (MW)

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