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Product ready to drink.. Certification from Mesti, HALAL, GMP & HACCP. Price is for 1 carton (30 bottle @ 250ml/bottle).

OTTOMO is a botanical bird'snest with Dates is a Ready to Drink(RTD).Dates are rich in iron,calcium,phosphorus, sodium, potassium, vitamins A and C, Its helps to increase energy and improve the health system,digestive, helps to increase the cells, red blood cells to overcome anemia. Dates also contain anti-cancer properties that can control cell cancer into normal cells.

Whereas Bird's Nest is rich in minerals, amino acids, protein and collagen actively contribute to the growth of himan tissue, after the development of the disease and recovery. Suitable for physical weakness, lung disease, cough, asthma and others. Its also promote immune function,help in delaying human aging.

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