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Sudee Bihun Goreng 50g

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Sudee Bihun Goreng or Fried vermicelli main ingredients are fried onion,bird's eye chili and garlic. Easy to cook where you only need vermicelli, Sudee Bihun Goreng spice premix and chicken, beef or seafood. Stir together and ready to serve.

    <li>Our products are already cooked and do not require much time to prepare tasty meals. No cooking experience is required and less time consumed in the kitchen.</li>
    <li>Our products are versatile when you get creative and you will enjoy the experience of the flavors.</li>
    <li><strong>The Benefits of our pre-mixes</strong>:  - An authentic taste, consistency of recipe, hustle free convenient cooking and no wastage cost-saving cooking.</li>
    <li>WPSB's manufacturing facility and products are HALAL certified by JAKIM and also HACCP and GMP certified.</li>
    <li>Shelf life: 2 years</li>
    <li>Our products are powder and not paste.</li>

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