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Sudee Asam Pedas 80g

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Asam Pedas is a classic Malaysian Hot and Sour fish dish. The main ingredient is asam(tamarind) juice and chillies with other spices. A dish that has many interpretation. The flavor is extraordinarily satisfying. Ingredients include onion, bunga kantan(torch ginger),kesum leaves(polygonum),bird's eye chilli and shrimp paste.

  • Our products are already cooked and do not require much time to prepare tasty meals. No cooking experience is required and less time consumed in the kitchen.
  • Our products are versatile when you get creative and you will enjoy the experience of the flavors.
  • The Benefits of our pre-mixes:  - An authentic taste, consistency of recipe, hustle free convenient cooking and no wastage cost-saving cooking.
  • WPSB's manufacturing facility and products are HALAL certified by JAKIM and also HACCP and GMP certified.
  • Shelf life: 2 years
  • Our products are powder and not paste.

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