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Stable Vision Corporation

Level 7.01, Menara AIA,No.68, Jalan Batai Laut 4, Taman Intan,41300,Klang,Selangor

Join Since 2017 as Life Planner AIA

Serving AIA TAKAFUL package 

  • Medical card,
  • Hibah takaful,
  • Saving
  • Education plan
  • Vehicle Insurance
  •  Travel insuranceLife may be full of ups and downs, but we should never give up on what's most important to us. AIA PUBLIC Takaful is committed in helping our customers prepare for life's uncertainties and to secure their financial and protection needs.

Life is full of uncertainties. To safeguard you and your loved ones’ future, planning for adequate protection should be one of your top priorities.

A-Essential Home Home Insurance

WHAT IS THIS PRODUCT ABOUT Home is where the heart is and so it's important to protect your nest and your treasured belongings against any unexpected events that can set you back significantly, financially. A-Essential Home is a protection plan that covers your home and its contents against loss or damage.

A-Life Ikhtiar

WHAT IS THIS PRODUCT ABOUT Your family is one of the most precious gifts that life can bestow upon you. Because your family means everything to you, you protect them and provide the best for them and you want this to continue even after you are no longer around. Introducing A-Life Ikhtiar, a Family Takaful plan that provides your family with a financial safety net if the unexpected happens to you. The plan gives you the freedom to select your level of protection and the option to enhance your coverage with additional benefits according to your needs. By attaching A-Plus Total Health to this plan, you can enjoy comprehensive medical protection. For each year that you dont make any claim, an amount will be credited to your Health Wallet which you can use for health screenings, vaccinations, recovery treatments, medical care for congenital conditions and more. The good news is that you can extend the medical coverage under A-Plus Total Health to your spouse and children under a single basic certificate under your name.


You have hopes and dreams for the future. Whether they involve a new car, a new house, your children's education or your retirement plan, it's important that you have a financial solution that helps you realise your goals. A-EnrichGold-i is a short-pay savings plan that provides Takaful coverage and potential growth in investments, allowing you to maximise the return on your money.

A-Life Cancer360-i

Thanks to medical advancements, cancer is now highly treatable. As the cost of treating cancer rises, the question then becomes: are you financially prepared to fight cancer? A-Life Cancer360-i is a complete cancer protection plan that provides coverage from the early to more advanced stages of cancer. Join AIA Vitality, a unique programme that actively supports and rewards you for making healthy choices. When you participate in A-Life Cancer360-i and sign up as an AIA Vitality member, you will get additional benefit in the form of Yearly Cash Bonus. You may receive a cash bonus of up to 50% of your basic contribution paid for A-Life Cancer360-i on every certificate anniversary.

Perlindungan ✨PERCUMA✨ dari AIA sebelum anda lengkap 2 dos vaksin!

Assalamualaikum 🤗 Saya ingin menawarkan plan komplikasi vaksin secara percuma. Apa yang anda boleh dapat? 1) Cash RM20,000 sekiranya meninggal dunia selepas mengambil vaksin. 2) RM100 elaun hospital sehari jika dimasukkan ke hospital akibat komplikasi vaksin Covid-19. (Maksimum 14 hari dan ini bukan bayaran rawatan ya) Untuk mendapatkan benefit ini, anda tak perlu membeli sebarang policy AIA. Jadi, plan ini terbuka untuk semua. Termasuk agent & client company lain.