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KZ Consultancy Sdn Bhd

K-1-01, Connection Commercial,Persiaran IRC 3, IOI Resort City,62502,Putrajaya,WP Putrajaya

We are one of the agency under Caliph Group, number 1 ALC in South East Asia.

We provide financial services to all clients including hibah takaful, investment via takaful and Islamic Estate Planner which is taken for granted by muslim especially in Malaysia.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have anything to ask about takaful.

Future First

Plan A - Lelaki, tidak merokok Plan B - Lelaki, merokok Plan C - Perempuan, tidak merokok

Income First

Free Khairat Kematian RM10,000 Free Accidental Death Benefit 200% of your sum covered And Easy Underwriting Process

Family First

FWD Medical Rider - Pelan Berpasangan - Pelan Keluarga

Invest First Plus

Manfaat Kematangan Manfaat Serahan Hibah Kematian Jaminan Tidak Luput Perkongsian Lebihan